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Recruitment is a key issue in any industry. Finding, training and then retaining the best talent is what all businesses strive to achieve. Considering the security industry is only 10% female, there is a huge, untapped market of potential candidates.

This month we have been talking to key women within SecuriGroup and posting blogs showing their perspective.

We are hoping to address the lack of representation in security roles by showcasing some of the key women in the organisation. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the opportunities a career in the security industry can provide, and make people who have probably never considered a career in the security industry see the diverse options available to them.

Profile: Nicola - Reception & Vetting Officer

As the office receptionist, Nicola is one of the first faces you will see in the office. A newcomer to the industry, she holds a front-line SIA licence, has also worked in St Vincent Plaza – one of the city's landmark buildings – and is currently part of the SecuriGroup Vetting team.

Working under the Vetting & Compliance Manager, Nicola's role is based in the pre-employment screening of people looking to join SecuriGroup.

Compliance is an essential aspect of the security industry and at the core of any professional organisation. Nicola, and the Compliance & Vetting teams, have responsibility for obtaining background checks, references and confirming the approval of all employees with the SIA.

With her cheerful nature, strong communication skills and attention to detail, Nicola is a great example of the excellent candidates available to SecuriGroup and the security industry – but what are the barriers potential new employees face, and how can they be removed? 

Nicola is a great example of grabbing opportunities for yourself and forging your own path.

Starting & Progressing in Security

After studying fashion and textiles at university, Nicola was faced with the very common fear for students and graduates: "I had no idea what I wanted to do".

She made a move into retail, but just as she began to feel like there were no real prospects, she was approached about the possibility of joining SecuriGroup: "I had never even thought about security; it had never crossed my mind".

What has become clear from our conversations with the SecuriGroup community, from the new members and our most experienced employees, is that security is often completely misunderstood as both a job and a valid career option.

"I was apprehensive at first. For me, security comes with this negative image, but I was pleasantly surprised".

Initially, Nicola chose to start in corporate security with SecuriGroup, providing reception services at St Vincent Plaza: "It is a really nice building, work environment, and the clientele was lovely". 

After a period of time, she wanted a different challenge, and after talking through options was transferred to head office and into her current position.

"I moved into this role, and suddenly I was surrounded by strong capable women in positions of management.

As well as being such a mixed gender workplace, there was such a sense of community spirit – a great collaborative environment at the heart of the organisation."

My Best Advice

"The best advice I have ever received was don't underestimate your capabilities; I think it is important to remind women to be confident, believe in yourself and always know your own value.

I've always been encouraged to challenge things in order to make positive changes and carve out my own role."

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