Protecting the UK's Data Centres

Protecting the UK's Data Centres

With the emergence of 'Big Data' taking over many aspects of our daily lives, and cyber security becoming an increasingly important consideration for businesses everywhere, the security of data centres and other information-critical sites is more relevant than ever.

As a security supplier to several critical sites and leading data management companies across the UK, including Citrix, IO, VMware and Dunnhumby, SecuriGroup has been able to use its industry-leading resources and expertise to effectively secure and protect key confidential data.

Key considerations for security providers to data centres include tiered access control systems, effective CCTV monitoring, and responsive escalation processes in case of fire, flood or similar emergencies which can irreparably damage data.

Supported by strategic site assessments and the input of our leading security experts, SecuriGroup works in collaboration with its clients during the design, planning, and delivery stages to assist the optimal commission of new security measures and the redeployment of existing systems.

As our clients look to invest in the development of more low risk, high value data centre space, SecuriGroup provides seamless operational support to their customers. By developing an intimate understanding of each site's security systems, we allow valuable time and resources to be dedicated to other priorities.

As part of the construction stage of any site, SecuriGroup can assist in the optimal strategic commissioning of our client's security systems and relevant elements such as CCTV placement, Access Control, and fence specification testing. This knowledge then translates into vital support to operational staff.

During the installation of the site security systems, SecuriGroup's personnel are available to be trained in the correct and full use of the systems by the suppliers. This active engagement of our security teams and their early understanding of the sites ensures a smooth mobilisation and complete integration between physical and cyber security.

SecuriGroup's extensive knowledge and familiarity with site-specific security measures such as CCTV placement and Access Control allows us to provide vital support for incoming customers. We combine this with our 24/7 Control Room, which supports all clients and staff round-the-clock and ensures the rapid and effective escalation of emergencies.

SecuriGroup understands the important role that data plays in modern businesses, and is committed to its security and safekeeping from both physical and cyber-crime. Our expertise in securing some of the UK's key data centres, and the knowledge we have gained in the process, is transferred and applied at several client sites, with a focus on data protection, effective CCTV monitoring and careful access control.

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About Us

SecuriGroup is rated within the top 1% of approved UK security companies by our Home Office regulator, the Security Industry Authority.

Strengthening the society in which we live, and an Investors in People Gold organisation, SecuriGroup provides innovative and expert solutions to our clients’ security needs. A two-time winner of ACS Champion of the Year, our security management approach shapes the future of the industry by combining physical, electronic, and cyber security to augment our service delivery. 

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