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Recruitment is a key issue in any industry. Finding, training and then retaining the best talent is what all businesses strive to achieve. Considering the security industry is only 10% female, there is a huge, untapped market of potential candidates.

This month we have been talking to key women within SecuriGroup and posting blogs showing their perspective.

We are hoping to address the lack of representation in security roles by showcasing some of the key women in the organisation. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the opportunities a career in the security industry can provide, and make people who have probably never considered a career in the security industry see the diverse options available to them.

Profile: Julieann - Door Supervisor

Julieann posseses the qualities of patience, warmth and perseverance, which she employs every day as a Door Supervisor. Working on the front-line, she understands the importance of an effective partnership between security officers and the public to ensure safety and high standards are maintained. 

In her main role, Julieann is responsible for carrying out routine walk-rounds, handling entry refusals and ejections, ID checks and, when necessary, searching people and their bags.

However different roles bring different tasks, and with them, different challenges.

Retail sites are focused on customer service and loss prevention; working in cinemas has a unique focus on ensuring anti-piracy laws are being adhered to; event security is very diverse and can range from taxi marshalling, reception duties, assisting with festivals, and supporting public safety at general elections.

"I love that no shift is the same; always new people, new challenges."

Starting in Security & Progression

Julieann started with SGL, the leisure division of SecuriGroup, in January 2016. Previously, her experience had been working in the bar trade for 2 years, and a decade working in finance.

It was during her time working in bars and clubs that she recognised the importance of female security.

A number of incidents had occurred while she was on shift, and the handling process had not been sensitively and appropriately managed.

She realised that with greater gender balance, and with more women in operational roles, the outcome of these incidents could have been totally different.

"There is this mistaken perception that the physical aspect of the job, physical strength, is most important to the role, but it is about understanding that communication is key.

Our job is 98% how we communicate, and women can bring something different and valuable."

These commonplace incidents, such as mishandled ejections, spurred her on to get involved in the security industry herself and play a part in fixing this problem by joining SGL and raising standards.

"Working for SecuriGroup has given me a role where I have the chance to show my capabilities. Each day provides a new challenge and vast learning opportunities and I have had access to great training courses."

Julieann continues to lead the way, being the change she wants to see and making a difference in implementing the required standards of security. In addition to this, she also receives positive feedback from clients which is a great motivator.

"Female clients often approach me to say how grateful they are, how much more reassurance they have, and how relaxed they are having a female security presence."

The Best Advice:

"The best advice I received was, oddly, that women don't belong on the front-line. That we should be behind a desk.

If I had any doubt or fear, it was removed right then and there.

My advice would be to be yourself, stand strong, and don't back down: never let the doubt get to you."

"Remember: no one can make you feel inferior without your consent." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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