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Recruitment is a key issue in any industry. Finding, training and then retaining the best talent is what all businesses strive to achieve. Considering the security industry is only 10% female, there is a huge, untapped market of potential candidates.

This month we have been talking to key women within SecuriGroup and posting blogs showing their perspective.

We are hoping to address the lack of representation in security roles by showcasing some of the key women in the organisation. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the opportunities a career in the security industry can provide, and make people who have probably never considered a career in the security industry see the diverse options available to them.

Profile: Natasha - Area Supervisor


Natasha, an experienced security professional who brings a wide range of skills to SecuriGroup, is an exceptional representation of the security industry.

Beginning her career as a Door Supervisor, before moving into covert Close Protection, she has been involved first hand in many of the diverse positions available. Natasha's story is a great example of the value in striving for more and pushing for excellence throughout your career.

In her current position as Area Supervisor, Natasha spends her time liaising with clients and managing large numbers of frontline staff.

Providing regular management support to our people, and ensuring the variety of requests from each client are delivered, is an environment she thrives in:

"I love the daily obstacles in my job, no two days are the same and the tasks presented to me provide each day with a new challenge to overcome.

"This has helped me further develop in both my professional and personal life."

One of the core responsibilities of this role is regularly checking in with clients, making sure that service we deliver is up to the highest operational standards. To this end, Natasha works closely with each client to gather regular feedback and address any service requeststhey may have.

Recruitment is another aspect that Natasha is involved with; the key to this is identifying the best people available from the talent pool and - by focusing on staff welfare - that they continue to love working with SecuriGroup.

Starting in Security & Progression

Before working in security, Natasha was involved with the typical 'nine to five' lifestyle. She leapt straight into work, gaining experience in a variety of different industries from the age of sixteen.

"I have always been a believer that you should enjoy your work and have now found a career I can look forward to."

Starting with Asset Protection in 2015, Natasha quickly developed an understanding of the importance of vigilance and an ongoing analysis of both people and potential threats.

Securing numerous properties in different working environments also then provided her with the opportunity to utilise her growing skill set.

In 2016 she was involved with surveillance operations and gained a BTEC Level 3 Surveillance qualification, another great example of her commitment to personal development.

Throughout her career, Natasha has been assigned close protection jobs.

Dealing with UHNW (Ultra high net worth) individuals gave her the opportunity to work alongside highly experienced operators, learning to evaluate situations and provide a calming presence in unique conditions.

"I learned a lot from other team members and I was able to develop my team working skills, which is essential in any high-stress situation."

From public protection to high-value asset protection, Natasha has gained a variety of experience in different environments and she is continuously developing and building upon her skills. 

"Daily, I have the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people, including colleagues to customers.

"This allows me to develop my abilities and my social skills in a wide range of situations."

In March of this year, Natasha completed the SecuriGroup Supervisor Development Course, an impressive milestone to reach within the organisation.

The course provides our management teams and frontline security operatives with a greater understanding of how SecuriGroup operates and how they can help the organisation in leading the modern security industry.

The Best Advice:

"The best advice I have received was from my boss when I was a teenager.

"She told me that most jobs provided either a monetary reward or job satisfaction; when you've found a job that gives the perfect balance of both, then you have found your niche.

"As we spend most of our lives at work, it is vital to enjoy what you do. 

"In order to encourage more women into security, it is important that we create an industry ethos which encourages the perception that women are just as capable as men, both mentally and physically.

"Security has always been perceived as a 'mans job', but in truth, women are an invaluable asset to every team.

"We all need to work together in order to break down the preconceived idea that this is a male only environment."

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