Specialist Services

For a number of years, SecuriGroup has been developing its specialist and investigative assets to complement the security services already offered in corporate guarding, leisure, and events. We now have access to a range of specialists drawn substantially from the police and military able to conduct enquiries and deliver specialist services in a number of areas.

All of our services are carried out to the highest standards of integrity and discretion by experienced professionals who are experts in their field. The services are coordinated by William Johnston, a former Detective Superintendent, and are overseen by Operations Director Allan Burnett QPM BSc (Hons) FSyI.

Tracing People & Assets

Using seasoned experts and specialist research and field investigation tools, SecuriGroup can trace people, including those who have sought to cover their trail. Whenever required, we can also provide evidence of their true asset position and any asset alienation. That extends to providing evidence in heritable property ownership.

Mitigating Cyber Threat

SecuriGroup offers a wide range of cyber security services using a range of experts to help prevent attack, and respond to any breaches. We can help you assess, build, and manage your cyber security capabilities.


We can carry out electronic and human resourced surveillance using ex-police surveillance operatives. This can incorporate a range of expert field investigation methods such as reconnaissance photography and the collection of evidence in a legally and ethically sound manner. We also have the technical ability to electronically track moving people or assets anywhere in the UK and in many other countries across the world.

Mobile Phones & Cell Site Analysis

We can carry out an investigation involving the downloading of mobile phone data, including deleted data to provide an informative or evidential picture. We also have access to expertise that can pinpoint a missing mobile device's position, working with the Service Provider to ensure the necessary data is released.

Counter Eavesdropping Measures

It is important to be able to conduct business free from the risk of unscrupulous competitors or others breaching your commercial confidentiality. We offer technical sweeping counter measures, delivered by experts, to mitigate that risk from premises and vehicles.

Penetration Testing

We offer all levels of penetration work from simple access control tests, to major planned attempted infringements. We have ex-military and police who carry out these operations. Like all our work, we produce a detailed report with photographs and film, if appropriate, designed to inspire security improvements.

Close Protection & VIP Driving

We offer comprehensive close protection services in a style that suits the client supported by highly qualified and experienced drivers. Our clients represent numerous sectors, including business, diplomacy, and politics. We regularly work in partnership with the police.

Specialist Search

SecuriGroup offers a wide range of search services led by former police search experts (POLSAs). This includes searches of people, vehicles, buildings, and open ground. We can supply specialist equipment such as metal detector archways, wands, and x-ray equipment, as well as train your staff to an effective level in any search procedures.

Intellectual Property Protection

If you suspect that your intellectual property has been taken and is being used illegally, we can use tactics to recover evidence, overtly and covertly, so that you can take enforcement action against the perpetrators for recovery of damages.

The Insider Threat

We can work with you proactively to mitigate the risk from the perennial challenge of the insider threat from a rogue staff member, or an employee's unintentional actions. If you have an issue, or a suspicion, we can investigate
it for you.


Utilising the experience of former police specialists and best practice interview procedures, we can provide effective interviewing services. We can also provide training for the staff in your organisation on proven investigative techniques for best results. This is particularly valuable in cases with uncooperative witnesses and where expert forensic witness perspectives are required.

Legal Case Preparation

If you suspect your company has been the victim of crime, but you do not have enough evidence for law enforcement to take up the case, we can carry out the investigation to take your case over the line sufficiently and refer it back to law enforcement. This will be in an official format that is recognisable, clear and easy to process.

Forensic Transcription

SecuriGroup offers an expert led service to transcribe audio information to a standard that can be presented at Court proceedings whether civil or criminal. Audio enhancement is part of the service and we also ensure the chain of evidence Courts require is preserved. We also advise on the legal position of covert recordings by any media.

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